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 Aimé Vareille, Patrice Ballet.

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"La générosité est l'art d'engendrer la liberté de l'autre"
Copyleft of René Descartes ( 1596-1650 )

Instrumentation project using free GNU GPL software :  measure of polarization, thin film ellipsometry

Special mention :
Many were happy : the blind can see, the deaf can hear and the invalid can go. Do you know how good is the light, ellipsometry is a good way for controlling picometer actions and so, we will be able to shape the world atom by atom.
These pages are dedicated to those, they have very difficult situations to live, and are, in fact, the few they can make sense with our incredible projects :

I. Introduction

II. Instrumental equations
    II.1. Description of the polarized light
    II.2. Matrix representations of optics
    II.3. Photodetection

III. Simple measures of polarization
    III.1. Measure by cancellation (Nulling polarimetry) (Sénarmont)
    III.2. Stokes's parameters measurements

IV. Measures of distance
    IV.1. Picometer by ellipsometry
    IV.2. Interferometry and ellipsometry
    IV.3. Picometers over kilometers

V Thin film ellipsometry
    V.1. Nulling Ellipsometry
    V.2. Rotating birefringent ellipsometer
    V.3. Interpretation of measures (commented multilayer algorithms)
    V.4. Precision of the measures of thicknesses for thin films

VI. Examples of ellipsometric measurements
    VI.1. Kinetics of oxidation of the silicon
    VI.2. Compaction of lithographic resist
    VI.3. Cartography of siliciure of germanium

VII. Photoelasticity
   VII.1. Stresses and Strains in thin films
   VII.2. Chromatic dispersion of photoelasticity

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