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Submicronic Assembly

We present only rough submicronic assembly, however solutions for subnanometric assembly are well known ; in fact, actual technology produce imperfect objects (scarcely better than 0.1 µm over 10 mm) and don't need very high precision for object micropositioning. As for the the problem of the egg and the chicken, one produce the other but what come in first ? In this case, many solutions exist but the needs remain low because of the prices and probably also because of the lack of informations.
Here, the submicronic precision of assembly is all obtained by controling the mechanical positions under interferometric vision in white light.

The images we propose are related to the following paper :
"Interferometric Micropositioning in the Planar Chip Insertion Technique for Multichip Modules (MCMs)",
Microelectronics International, Number 36, January 1995, pp. 19-21,
A. Vareille, A. Schiltz, P. Ballet, J.C. Haüuy and L. Thévenot.

The purpose of this work was to realise big circuits with many silicon chips ; the way chosen was to cut holes in an interconnection networks and then to insert the chips in the holes in order to use optical microlithography for achieving interconnections between chips and the network or either to use short planar wire bonding.

The Packaging with Dicing, Die Attach and Wire Bonding were performed by Yves Gambérini.
Few functional hybrids were used for HDTV demonstrations at the Winter Olympic Games 1992 in Albertville.

For the three major steps in assembly we obtained interesting images :

Animated GIF of 263 kB :  Animated GIFs of 192 and 161 kB :  Animated GIF of 594 kB : 

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